15 Reasons Why to Choose Irbosol ?
  1. We are a fully licenced and registered construction company, so you have peace of mind. 

  2. We have our own design and Architect teams who can convert your dreams into reality

  3. Our Engineers will ensure that your new villa is built to Industry standards as well as your satisfaction and timescale.

  4. Our support team will always be available to deal with any queries you may have during the construction period.

  5. Teamwork: The advantages of close collaboration and a common goal - Under Irbosol approach to Construction Management, all contributing parties function as a unified team with a single shared objective. On-going collaboration and communication between owner, architect, engineers and the manager ensures that the focus never strays from cost-effective completion — on time, on budget.

  6. Cost control: The advantages of an ever-present watchdog . The best defense against cost overruns is an accurate estimate of costs based on sound design. Actual costs are monitored closely to ensure full value for your money i.e. you pay only for what you get.

  7. Irbosol expertise and experience in pricing alternative construction methods or products equips you and your architect with the most cost-effective alternatives for your design.

  8. Our aim is not only to improve our own performance but also, through our active participation in promoting best practice and innovation, to undertake our part in improving the industry as a whole.

  9. As an organization, our success is based on excellence.

  10. Our business philosophy and structure are built around our customers, and our emphasis on customer service has played a significant part

  11. Satisfied customers are key to our success.

  12. We focus on our customers' aspirations, designing homes with our customers' needs in mind.

  13. We offer greater choice and variety, building to the highest possible standards.

  14. We have invested considerable time and energy in our design and customer services because we recognise that every purchaser is different, with different lifestyles and different priorities when it comes to their home.

  15. Whatever your reason for heading for the sun and Irbosol are here to help





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